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Beyond registering and obtaining their voter cards from the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the electorates are expected to also arm themselves with useful information on their obligations in making the 2023 general election seamless.

While getting a PVC remains one of the most important requirements a voter needs to partake in the election, INEC has highlighted prompt arrival at polling units on election day as crucial to a voter’s participation in the election.

According to information on the voter education section of the commission’s website, voters must make themselves available between 8:00 am and 2.00 pm for accreditation and voting on election day.

The guide titled ‘How To Vote’ indicates that even if a voter has his/her PVC, they may be prevented from voting if they arrive later than 2 p.m. to their polling units.

Below is the voting guide as provided by INEC:


This is designed to help you understand the Voting Procedures during an election. Remember that you are qualified to vote if you are a registered voter and your name appears on the register of voters at your polling.


On each Election Day, polling stations will open for Accreditation and Voting from 8:00 am to 2.00 pm. However, voters on the queue before the close of poll at 2:00pm will be accredited and allowed to vote.


Voting at the polling unit will be as follows:

Step 1:

At the polling unit, join the queue. An INEC official will check if you are at the correct polling unit and confirm that the PVC presented belongs to you.

Step 2:

An INEC official will confirm if your PVC is genuine using the card reader. You will be asked to place your finger on the card reader.

Step 3:

An INEC official will ask for your PVC and confirm you are listed in the Voters Register. Your name will be ticked and your finger will be inked to confirm you have voted. If your name is not found you cannot vote.

Step 4:

The Presiding officer will stamp, sign and endorse your ballot paper. You will be given the ballot paper rolled with the printed side inwards and directed to the voting cubicle.

Step 5:

Stain your finger with the ink given and mark the box for your preferred candidate/party. Roll the ballot paper in the manner you were given and flatten it.

Step 6:

Leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the Polling Unit.

Step 7:

Leave the Polling Unit or wait if you so choose, in an orderly and peaceful manner, to watch the process up to declaration of result.

N.B: The result of each Polling Unit shall be pasted at the unit for everyone to see.


On each Election Day, you have the right to:

Access the polling station

Receive information on the voting procedures from the poll officials

Vote in secret.


Obey all lawful instructions from the INEC and Security Officials on election duty.

Leave the polling unit or wait if you so choose in an orderly and peaceful manner.

Encourage other voters to do likewise.

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