2023: Yusuf Datti Reveals Peter Obi’s Powerful Plans That Will Happen Under Four Years Of His Presidency

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Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, who is the Vice Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, has recently revealed the plans Peter Obi has for Nigeria if he acquires the presidency in 2023.

In a recent publication by Vanguard Newspapers, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed stated that there were going to be huge farmlands in the North in the next four years, expansive roads all over, and many other things. 

He further said that there were going to be refineries in most areas of southern Nigeria and that universities weren’t going to go on strike as usual. 

“And in four years, you will see huge farmlands in the north; expansive roads going all over; industries in Kano and Kaduna; huge manufacturing outfits; refineries all over southern Nigeria; more bridges across the Niger; universities that won’t be on strike for four years; a stable naira; and armed robbery that will be a thing of the past. A community being attacked at night will be history. No kidnapping on the federal network; no phone calls on our GSM. We will fish you out wherever you are. The Nigerian armed forces will serve you justice on you.


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