5 Best POS In Nigeria And How They Work

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The list of pos machines/terminals is limitless, compounded by the fact that new ones must be asked before any of these pos terminals may be obtained. To figure out which option to go with when beginning a point-of-sale business. It’s worth noting that all of the machines listed are instant settlements.


List of the top five POS Terminals

Baxi Box

Baxi pos is one of the best pos machines for new agents who are just getting started or venturing into the business. They provide adequate service and are simple to utilize; even a non-techie or illiterate may handle their pos terminal. It’s worth noting that they don’t have a monthly goal.
They charge 0.55 percent on amounts between 1-20000 and 100 naira on amounts between 20001 and 100000, as well as 30 naira on cash deposits. They also pay commission for paying bills and subscribing to cable.

Opay pos

Opay pos has made a name for itself, and you will not go anywhere without seeing an Opay agent. Opay is also highly dependable, and their prices are very attractive, since they charge 0.5 percent from 1-19999 and 100 naira flat from 20k and above, with a monthly objective of 1.6 million naira.


Paycentre has only recently entered the mobile banking business. They have, nevertheless, demonstrated their ability to handle transactions efficiently. However, network outages do occur from time to time. Paycentres such as Opay also have the lowest fees, which they just cut. I was hoping they’d be able to keep it up for a long time before reverting to their former charges. They also lack weekly and monthly goals.


Moniepoint is one of the most reliable networks in the industry. Because it is a target-based pos machine with a daily objective of 100k, it is mostly used by existing agents. If you don’t meet it, the pos machine will be taken away. They also don’t charge much, with a 0.5 percent fee for 1-19999 and a 100 naira flat fee for 20k and above.


Kudi’s service has improved in recent months compared to when they first entered the mobile banking business. They’re a type of POS terminal that can be recommended to novice salespeople. When it comes to their fees, they charge 25 naira between 100 and 4500 naira, 0.6 between 450 and 25000, and 150 naira flat between 25001 and 500000.

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