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People in Nigeria go to a lot of job sites to find out about jobs and jobs that are available in their country. This isn’t the only thing these job sites have to offer. They also have things like help with your resume and career coaching.

There are a lot of great things you can do when you use job sites in Nigeria to look for and apply for jobs.

In Nigeria, we looked at more than 25 different job sites before we came up with the top 10. After looking at the number of jobs on each job site, how easy it was to use, how many job categories there were, and how many extra features there were, we came up with our top picks.

How To Find Jobs On The website.

As we said before, newspapers, TV, and radio have been replaced by the internet for job ads. It should be the first place people look for jobs.

Most businesses like to advertise on their own websites. Save yourself the stress of looking for jobs by not going out and looking for them yourself. Because they are always there for you.

Then, all you need to do is make sure you know the site and type in the site name in the Google search bar. There is a link that takes you to the net page, which should give you a good idea of where to look for job ads.

Top Best Sites In Nigeria To Find Jobs 2022

1 OmniPA

One of the most difficult parts of adding a Virtual Assistant to your team is to find the right person to do the job for you. At OmniPA, they work hard to find the best online talent that is right for you and your business so that you can be at ease with your choice. Virtual assistants aren’t hard to find, so you don’t have to worry about that. They are here to help you. OmniPA has a three-step process for how this all works. Make sure you get the right people.


It is important to know what skills you want your virtual assistant to have. This will help OmniPa find the best people for your business. Each business is unique and has its own needs.

Once they know what you want in a Virtual Assistant, our team at OmniPA starts the process of finding the right person for you. They need to make sure that only the best candidates are on the list for you.

It’s now time for you to start working. You will be able to use your very own Virtual Assistant at any time you want. OmniPA can help you if you have any questions or concerns.

2 Toogit 

Toogit stands for TOp Online Gurus for Instant Technology and other work. It is an online freelance community where people can find and hire online experts from all over the world in a wide range of skills. They also have a curated list of remote and flexible jobs in more than 50 different categories.

If you work as a freelancer, Toogit gives you all the tools you need to set project milestones and tasks, communicate with employers, share files, and set payment terms. Using the platform costs you 8% of what you earn as a freelancer to use. Clients will not be charged.

Toogit is a well-known and high-quality freelancing site. There are a lot of great features on it, like Toogit Instant Connect. Toogit Instant Connect can help you hire the right freelancers for a very important and time-sensitive job. It’s easy to find and hire skilled freelancers from all over the world in a wide range of fields.


There will be no more signups for different payment services. Bank, PayPal, or a credit card can all be used to pay, but you can also pay with cash Make a single payment or a lot of them. All of the invoices can be changed. You are in charge of how much and how often you send out invoices.

They do not charge 20 or 25 percent like other websites. If you work for yourself, an Escrow service, or a project management tool, you’ll get a flat 8% on each invoice that is paid to you.

More than 22% of your project costs go down if you hire someone. There are also free project management tools and many other things that you get for free.

3 RemoteHub Nigeria

RemoteHub is the job market and community that connects and connects companies with remote workers. In one place, it has a job board with all kinds of jobs and smart matching between employers and job seekers, a service marketplace, a portfolio show-off, and networking with other professionals.

RemoteHub Nigeria

Here, employers and job seekers can post or search for jobs, offer services, show off their skills and experience and build a network. They can also find the best professionals or work from home jobs.

Use RemoteHub to find companies that hire people who work from home. It’s possible to find out more about the company’s benefits and engineering culture, as well as which job roles are available for people who work from home. They charge a 10% service fee from the payments made on the platform and you can earn $12.26 per hour.

4 Jooble 

Millions of people use Jooble every day to look for jobs in 71 different countries. The company has been in the online job market since 2006. In the 14 years the company has been around, it has gone from being a small business started by two students to a global job site.

SimilarWeb says that today, Jooble is one of the top five websites in the world for jobs and careers. Jooble wants to help people find jobs.

The job listings on Jooble come from more than 250,000 sources from all over the world. Sources like corporate websites, social networks, classified ads, and more can help you find a job. In this way, all job offers can be found in one place.

5 USA International Job

From its start as a job site for people who wanted to work abroad, USA International Jobs has come a long way. Shahzad Ali started it in 2020. Because of Shahzad Ali’s love for USA international Jobs, they found out that USA international Jobs can show you all the newest jobs from around the world.

People from all over the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada now come to them for help. The people in Australia and Germany are very happy that we can turn our passion into a website of our own.


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