8 Ways To Make Money On GetPaidTo

It is possible to earn money by completing internet surveys. The payouts won’t put you on the road to financial independence fast, but taking surveys for money can help you supplement your income when you need it.

GetPaidTo, or GPT for short, is a sort of online work that almost anybody may undertake. Specific skills or qualifications are rarely required.
Completing surveys, watching movies, and engaging in research studies are all popular GPT tasks. The offers are either tiny and regular or large and uncommon. Each offer provides an opportunity to earn or save money.

Now What exactly is GetPaidTo?

GetPaidTo is a service that aims to pay you every time you go online, or at the very least help you save money while doing so. Why shouldn’t you be compensated for doing things like shopping online, playing video games, and listening to the radio? GetPaidTo pays you for a variety of activities, including buying, earning points, and listening to the radio.

Get a 500 point bonus

GetPaidTo is giving readers the opportunity to earn an additional 500 bonus points. If you sign up using any of their links, you will receive an additional 500 points worth £1 once you have achieved 500 points.

Reffer your friend to earn

It is only fair that you get compensated for your efforts if you are informing your friends and family about a way to make money and save money.

GetPaidTo offers a significant referral program, making it a wonderful opportunity to supplement your income. You will receive a 15% commission on any points that your friends earn once you have referred them to GetPaidTo.

You will get compensated not just for your referrals, but also for the individuals your referrals refer. This continues until you reach level 3.

You can also get a bonus if your referred buddy earns 1,000 points in their first 30 days – you will receive an additional 100 points.

Remember to share your referral link on a variety of venues, including social media, your blog, YouTube, and more.

How to save money on GetPaidTo

Thanks to GetPaidTo’s cashback and discount codes, saving money is a breeze.

Simply click through GetPaidTo first while purchasing online to receive a percentage of your purchase as cashback. You can also use their cashback projector to see how much money you could save over the course of a year based on your annual spending. Here’s one of mine:

You may also check the vouchers to see if there are any discounts available before completing your purchase, which will save you even more money. Simply browse or search for the goods you want or the store where you want to buy it.

You can also use your GetPaidTo points to get a Cashback Boost, which is only available to GetPaidTo members. You may get additional rewards on your purchases with the Cashback Boost, up to 100% of your purchase. All you have to do now is apply the points you’ve already earned on the website to your purchase. The more points you utilize, the more money you’ll get back, up to 100%.

How to make money on GetPaidTo

You can earn money on GetPaidTo in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cashback (for additional information, see the section below)
  • Prize draw every day
  • Video viewing
  • Participating in surveys
  • Listening to the radio
  • Playing games 
  • Giveaways and promotions on social media on a regular basis
  • Task completion
    There’s a lot more.

The Daily Prize Draw is a point giveaway that takes place every day. To be eligible, you must either conduct a survey or earn 15 points by playing games. The award is also rolled over, which means that any unclaimed points will be carried over to the next day, with new points added daily until the prize sum is claimed.

You will earn points for everything you do on GetPaidTo, and 500 points are worth £1.

How to get paid by GetPaidTo

You will earn points for everything you do on GetPaidTo, and 500 points are worth £1.
You can put your points to three different uses:

  1. Make a cash request (via Paypal and BACS)
  2. Amazon, Pizza Express, and Boots gift cards
  3. Cashback boost, which allows you to receive up to 100% back on your purchase.

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