A Catholic Boy Dies In Defense Of Block Rosary Children At Umuogbo Agu Enugu State [DETAILS]

Agbo Isaiah Oluchukwu was a strong member of Altar boys who is from Immaculate Heart Parish Aji, Enugu Ezike in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria.

He was also a devoted member of Block Rosary Crusade and as a matter of fact, he was one of the organizers of Block Rosary in Aji Deanery.

He was also a member of Block Rosary Crusade Brigade of Guards (BRCBG), which is a voluntary paramilitary of Block Rosary Crusade.
He was the deanery 2IC which means 2nd in command and as the deanery commandant was not around he was acting as one. BRCBG(s) are those who ensure enabling environment for the members of Block Rosary Crusade whenever they are having programs.

Some of them, including Isaiah were available for the retreat of Aji Deanery Block Rosary Crusade (BRC) which was scheduled to take place from October 14th to 16th, 2022, at St Joseph’s Parish Umuogbo-Agu.

On the day of arrival which was 14th October, 2022, Isaiah never knew he will not be returning back to his poor mother alive.

The members of BRC assembled to start their prayer program, and around 8pm when they were having their opening Rosary procession, two boys from the hosting community came but the men maning the gate could not permit them inside because they were with no tag which is the evidence that identify one as a member of the Block Rosary Crusade. They rather told the boys that if they wish to join the program they have to get their tag, but the two boys bluntly refused to do so saying that they are the owners of the territory with some cultic slangs like we are JBC which only them knows the meaning. So the men at the gate which are BRCBG members refused to let them in.

The self acclaimed cultic boys went away and returned around 11:30pm to 12am with more boys (about 10 or 12 of them) and started banging on the gate asking the brigadiers to open the gate but they refused, then those boys broke down the gate and invaded them with some weapons like dagger, plank, 2b2 wood and so on, trying to enter inside the church where the BRC children were praying. It was at this critical moment that the young Isaiah and other BRCBG members had to risk their own lives without arms in defense of the children praying inside the church.

Some of the brigadiers who risked their lives to protect the children, were severely injured; some stabbed but Isaiah who was there as the commander took all he had to protect his people and as he was fatally injured, he persisted the battle in pains untill he ensured that those intruders had dismissed from the premises at the sight of the parish priest.

As wounded Isaiah could no longer bear the internal injuries sustained, he was rushed to Bishop shanahan hospital Enugu Ezike but they were referred to Nsukka from Nsukka they were referred to ENUGU (UNTH) and on their way to Enugu, Isaiah, who would have loved to be alife to tell this story, left us an example to follow.

May he be granted the eternal freedom of God’s sons Amen

© Bro Egelebe Vitus Chidera (Nsukka Diocesan President of Block Rosary Crusade)


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