A new man is coming to grace the planet

Nineteen new species which include jumping spider, scorpions and geckos have been discovered in the Aarey Colony in Mumbai.
A new gland named “tuba rial glands” by researchers has been found at the back of the nasopharynx and these glands had characteristics of salivary glands.
Very soon a new tribe, a new continent may emerge from the ocean and the novel Corona vaccine will come into effect. We are living in the time in history where discoveries will be on the upswing, all because of man stepping away from his destructive nature and allowing the planet to breathe.

The alveoli of the planet have been flushed out of toxins and collectively we will have to endorse a new way of living.
I wonder how many species are hidden on this beautiful planet who are scared to come out and show themselves?
Recently my friends husband who contracted corona returned home after being on the ventilator for nearly a month. He had a close brush with death, but when he stepped into his home, he was just the same. He complained about how the hospital didn’t look after him, the food, and that he was in such discomfort. His wife was shocked at this behavior and just said, “in spite of all your complains, they didn’t pull the plug, they returned you safely home. Maybe some gratitude can be displayed.” Did he change? Not really!

Another lady returned home and complained how her family members had to suffer and no one cared about them. She voiced this to her extended family who were shocked at her impropriety in such a trying time. I am hearing so many such stories of disgruntled recovering patients who are unable to thank or think of the Lord, instead still caught up with pointing fingers at family members, doctors and care -workers. Man is truly a difficult specie and if he doesn’t change his behavior, he may destroy himself.

As Man discovers new species and glands, he needs to discover aspects of himself that have been buried deep down. He must have the knowledge of how his spirit is not interested in all that money can buy, but in something more valuable – its hidden compassion and love. Dalai Lama says, “Showing compassion for others has two benefits: One to the person you show it to, another to yourself. “Scientists are talking about how our brain responds to showing compassion. The neural circuits seem to reduce blood pressure, flush toxins out of the body and has anti- ageing properties. This New Man is what we have to become, and it lies in our hands.

The world is changing and the human body is mutating. The virus is changing the DNA 🧬 and in a thousand years, the 1000 petaled Sahara Chakra may open and the new man will arrive and grace this planet.


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