Actor Ugezu Jideofor Reacts After A Man Said They Were Taught Not To Trust The Igbos  From Childhood

Nollywood veteran actor, Ugezu Jideofor has taken to social media to express concern, following the decision of a Nigerian man to disclose one of the many things they were lectured on with regards to the Southeasterners.

In a video uploaded by the Nigerian filmmaker through his official Instagram page, a Northerner identified as Muhammad Ibrahim had revealed that him and other northerners were taught not to trust the Igbos while they were growing up, adding that they were taught that they are the real enemies and they should only vote for the politicians in the North.

Muhammad Ibrahim however, revealed that he has gone to school and has also travelled to several Southeastern states over time, adding that such lectures are not true.

According to Muhammad Ibrahim, the Northern region and Northerners are currently suffering from insecurity and other economic challenges despite how they keep making sure that a Northerner becomes the next president of Nigeria, adding that they will make a change in the forthcoming 2023 presidential election.

To watch the video, click on the link below;

And so, following such revelation, Ugezu Jideofor stated that the truth shall set Nigeria and Nigerians free from the oppression of the wicked, adding that the plans of the haters of Nigeria will be destroyed.

The award winning actor finally stated that Northern Nigeria stands with the truth.

Here is Ugezu Jideofor’s post below;


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