Actor Ugezu Reacts Over Deaths Of Nollywood Actors

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Popular actor and filmmaker, Ugezu J. Ugezu, has moved to defend the movie industry after the death of popular actor, Junior Pope.

In the past three months, Nollywood has lost some big names, including comedians Mr Ibu and Sisi Quadri.

Star actor, Junior Pope, also died on Wednesday and the sad incident has drawn sparked mourning and mixed reactions..

Ugezu in a recent instagram post, stated that people of various professions die every week, but celebrities are public figures, thus their deaths are always viral.

In his perspective, the time has come to remove spiritualism from clear system failure because it is a systemic calamity, not just in Nollywood.

His words:

“If only you knew how many bankers who kpai every week…if only you knew how many police officers who kpai every month…

if only you knew how many pastors/priests who kpai every month…

if only we have a clear data on citizens that kpai monthly, we may settle down and understand the systematic destruction of the health sector.

Entertainers are domiciled publicly and theirs go viral always.

Time has come to expunge spiritualism from clear system failure.

It is not just a Nollywood disaster like many allude.


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