Afenifere: Adebanjo Reveals What He Told Fasoranti Before Tinubu’s Visit

Afenifere: Adebanjo Reveals What He Told Fasoranti Before Tinubu’s Visit

Party President Afenifere Adebanjo explained how APC President-elect Bola Tinubu learned of plans to bring Fasoranti to the party.

Adebayo discussed the issue on Plus TV Africa and posted details of his conversation with Fasoranti ahead of Akure’s conference. 2023: Adebayoader of Afenifers supports Peter Obi in the attack on Tinubu.

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In response, Adebayo said, “I still don’t understand Pasolanti’s decision.” 

This person called me the Friday before the incident.

I lay in bed and looked at the phone, but he called back. We chatted for a while and Fasoranti said that Tinubu called him about his planned visit.

I was aware of Tinubu’s plans almost a month ago.

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Igbo President: E kwuwe “possible” n Igbo ga-ebu ndi Ugwu nũkwa – Ayo Adebanjo – BBC News gbòHe added: “At the time Fasoranti said he did not want to visit Tinubu.

I pretended not to know about the plan, but eventually, I told him. But I told Fasoranti to let Tinubu visit him.

I told him that Tinubu would come to the deal, but I told him not to interfere. 

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