After Andrew Ochekwo Was Killed, Over N80m Was Moved From His Account’ – Activist Harrison Gwanmnishu

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  • A fresh revelation has ignited further fury in the already explosive Andrew Ochekwo saga, concerning the brutal slaying of two women.
  • Harrison Gwamnishu, deeply entrenched in the case, has just disclosed a bombshell: following Andrew’s demise, a substantial sum was swiftly siphoned from his bank account, sending shockwaves across the online community and intensifying the uproar

Renowned Nigerian human rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has electrified social media with a jaw-dropping disclosure regarding the recently deceased Andrew Ochekwo.

In a stunning turn of events, Andrew, who just days ago was in police custody in connection with the disappearance of two women in Aba, met a tragic end while being transported from Aba to Abuja. Reports suggest he attempted a daring escape, resulting in his untimely demise.

Harrison Gwamnishu, the indefatigable advocate at the forefront of this gripping saga, has once again taken to his official Instagram platform to unveil a fresh development.

In a riveting post, he exposed a disturbing facet of the investigation, said despite being a prime suspect, Mr. Andrew was allegedly accorded undue empathy by the Anti-Kidnapping Squad in Abia State, casting doubt on the integrity of their handling of the case.

In another startling revelation, Harrison Gwamnishu disclosed that following Mr. Andrew’s demise, a chilling sequence of events unfolded.

Firstly, he said one of Andrew’s phones inexplicably vanished, raising unsettling questions about potential tampering with crucial evidence.

Gwamnishu unearthed a financial bombshell: said an eye-watering sum exceeding 80 million naira purportedly vanished from Andrew’s account, stealthily transferred to an undisclosed destination.

“In his Words”

“Andrew was treated like a victim not a suspect by the Anti kidnapping squad in Abia State. We have reliable information that over 80 million naira was allegedly moved from Andrew Ochekwo’s account into a yet to be disclosed account”.

“The officers at the anti kidnapping squad should be investigated as fast as possible. After Andrew was killed, one of his phone got missing”, he wrote and it stirred massive reactions from the general public.


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