Alleged Drug Dealing: US Begged Tinubu Not To Take Legal Action

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Keyamo said that rather than indict Tinubu, the court documents in circulation have exculpated him and made him as white as snow.

How it happened: Recall that the former Lagos State Governor has persistently been linked to an alleged drug dealings and money laundering conviction in the United States.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, a 56-page document purportedly released by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois surfaced online with details of findings that led to his forfeiture of up to $460,000 to the U.S. authorities in 1993.

While the document failed to firmly prove that Tinubu was neither indicted or convicted for narcotic charges, it has done little to change the opinion of some Nigerians who strongly believed the former Lagos State Governor had committed a crime.

Reacting to the development, Keyamo in an interview on the popular Channels TV program, Politics Today, on Wednesday, November 9, 2022, claimed that the United States government had appealed to Tinubu not to take further legal actions on the matter.

Making reference to the said document, the SAN said at the time the settlement was reached, the U.S. authorities had begged Tinubu not consider a instituting a court proceeding against it.

Keyamo’s word: “Now, look at that settlement signed by counsel to Asiwaju then and counsel to the United States, I want you to look at paragraph 6, Page 2 of that settlement. I refer you again, paragraph 6, Page 2 of the settlement signed.

“In that Paragraph 2, they were even begging Asiwaju. They said that look, please don’t proceed against us again. This is a final settlement between us. Go your way we will go our way.

“Out of the 10 accounts Seun (sic), it was only one account, the one in Heritage Bank, that they took $460,000 as tax on interest that he benefited from the investment he made in those accounts and they gave him nine accounts. In fact, all the monies in Heritage Bank wasn’t taken, they took $460,000 calculated it as tax and say please go your way.

“Now, I want you to look at that paragraph six, they were begging him. The United States, they were begging. This documents, in fact, rather than indict Asiwaju, Seun this document exculpate him and makes as white as snow. “

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