Amazon KDP: 3 Tips To Avoid Ban Or Suspension

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Recently, there has been a surge in account terminations on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), leaving self-publishers concerned about the fate of their own accounts. Understanding the reasons behind these terminations is crucial for those working in the KDP low content niche. In this guide, we will discuss three common mistakes that can lead to account suspension and provide practical tips to protect your Amazon KDP account from getting banned.

1. Avoid Trademark Infringement

Using trademarked terms in your book titles, keywords, and subtitles can land you in trouble. To check if a term is trademarked, perform a search through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. If a term is protected, it should be avoided altogether. However, if the status is pending or in review, it may be safe to use, although caution is advised. Remember to investigate titles that have been trademarked and check for class 16, which indicates registration as a trademark for book-related products.

2. Use Basic Logic and Respect Intellectual Property

Steer clear of well-known brands, such as Disney, and popular video games like Fortnite. Including images or keywords associated with these brands in your books is prohibited and can result in permanent account suspension. Apart from legal implications, profiting from the efforts of others is morally and ethically wrong. Instead, explore countless possibilities for creating original coloring books that do not violate intellectual property rights. Platforms like Canva and Creative Fabrica offer resources and templates that can be customized for KDP, ensuring you stay within the boundaries of copyright laws.

3. Create Unique Interior Designs

For high-content books like coloring or activity books, avoid using the same interior design multiple times. Customers expect different interiors when purchasing from the same seller. Providing a negative customer experience, such as repetitive interiors, can lead to negative reviews and unsatisfied customers. To maintain Amazon’s high standards of customer service, ensure each cover and interior is distinct. This will result in positive customer experiences, repeat purchases, and favorable reviews.

In conclusion, Kindle Direct Publishing offers a fantastic opportunity for self-publishers to showcase their creativity and share their passion with readers worldwide. However, it’s essential to be responsible and morally conscientious when managing your KDP account. By avoiding trademark infringement, respecting intellectual property rights, and creating unique interior designs, you can protect your Amazon KDP account from suspension and ensure long-term success as a self-publisher. For more insights and tips, check out our accompanying YouTube video where we share our experiences and lessons learned after the first year on KDP.

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