APC Plotting To Rig Election Through Operation “wire Wire” – CUPP

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THE Coalition of United Political Party, CUPP, has raised alarm of the coordinated plan by the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, to rig the 2023 general elections in its favour.

 CUPP revealed the alleged plot during a press briefing it organized to intimate the general public on what it described as intercepted credible threat to the 2023 general elections, voter register, and the need for vigilance in monitoring the process.

Ikenga Ugochinyere, spokesperson of the group, noted that further intelligence has intercepted the ruling party’s desperation to emerge victorious by all means necessary, including digital vote buying which is code named operation wire wire.

He explained that this operation by the APC was designed immediately after the CBN announced the redesigning of the Naira.

According to him, about 10 million account details have been successfully harvested into the payment schedule and waiting for payment instructions as at Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

He called on President Muhammadu Buhari to look beyond his verbal commitment made at the United Nations General Assembly where he made a promise to leave a legacy of credible elections, because his party men are working round the clock to sabotage that commitment.

“Mr President should let his people know that he will not tolerate any attempt at destabilizing the electoral process.

“The APC has formulated a new strategy to harvest sensitive details of unsuspecting innocent rural dwellers to rig the 2023 elections.

“This plot has now received approval from the highest level of the ruling party and its campaign organization.

“Also designed in Imo state and exported to 21 other states of the federation. The required party harvesting names, account numbers, voters identification numbers, bank verification numbers of citizens, and arranged in tabular form for each polling unit on the understanding that money will be sent to each person by electronic means to purchase their votes,” he said.

Ugochinyere disclosed that although the plot is executed under different names in different states, the aim is to harvest sensitive personal details of eligible electorates and use same details to rig the election in 2023.

CUPP also displayed some of the harvested details of voters and also showed the forms disguised as APC Empowerment form in the case of Abia, Ekiti Development Front form or Forum of Tinubu support Group in the case of Cross River State, Support group coordination South East as used in Ebonyi and parts of Enugu state, or citizens grass root farmers association in Katsina state, APC vote canvassing form in Imo state, or Women for Tinubu as used in Lagos, in the rest of the country, the APC is harvesting details using the vote canvassing form also used in Imo state.

He called on all relevant stakeholders, including security agencies to apprehend all those who are involved in the devilish act intended to scuttle the will of the people in 2023.

“Nigerians will be hurt if this election can be sold and bought like crayfish in the ordinary market.

“We call on the staff of banks to give us such details anytime they find such activities of vote buying or such transactions in their banks, we also call on the EFCC to be on the lookout for such.

“Any political party which desires to send money to agents should be compelled to send to the bank an acknowledge copy of the official lists of agents submitted to INEC.

This will help forestall any unreasonable claims that they are paying agents. It must also be noted that there are only one agent per polling unit for each political party hence any claims that the data being harvested is that of a party agent is dead on arrival.

‘Again we call on the police, the DSS, and the EFCC to immediately swing into action and arrest the harvesters of these bank accounts and voters’ card.

“If security agencies claim that they do not know who harvested them, we now tell them to apprehend the person whose identities are contained in these documents and from there get the identities of who and to whom they surrendered their personal details to,” he added.

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