Are You A Graphic Designer?, See How To Earn $15/hr

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With the outlook of civilization, the world has turned into a modernized era with the rapid growth of the digital era.

The act of drawing has toured the whole internet and used devices while drawing. However, graphic design is basically the drawing of an image with the use of a computer or other device and as everything are rapidly moving digital, we’re going to show you every details you’ve to understand about graphic design and how to make money from it.

Step To Learn Graphic Design

With this very article, one will be able to learn professional design or become a graphic designer. Here is the step involved in learning graphic design at home with the five following points:

1. Find reliable resources for graphic design information:

The above aspect should ring first in your mind, as a beginner who wants to learn graphic design at home and not just to end up at home needs to go with this. The use of freepik sites will help you find the right information on what you want to learn, as not all the information on the internet remains reliable for you. You must choose or select the best based on your preferences.

2. Collect as much theoretical knowledge as possible:

Before practicing makes perfect, one must first have an idea for a design and post it on the internet, which will require you, as the learner, to follow and properly gather from various sources and to be trusted when practicing.

What you need to gather is the starting point of the design, the rules, color, pasting of photos, minimizing and so on before the main action to avoid wasting time.

3. Get a new notch:

This means that you need to get a space with specifications. Once you notice your area of concentration, you become perfect at it. If you are to base it on drawing without a write-up, then face it rather than mix the whole thing together and end up not achieving any.

4. Use Photoshop as your primary application

Different areas of expertise require different applications. If you’re going to be a logo designer, you’ll be primarily working in a vector application like Illustrator.

If you’re doing print design, you’ll most likely be working in a layout application like InDesign. Most designers have access to all of these types of programs, but when you’re first starting to learn graphic design, focus on the application that corresponds to your specific area of study.

It’s important to note that you do not need to go out and purchase an expensive application to be a graphic designer. While the Adobe applications are the most popular, there are several free alternatives to the software that Adobe provides. If you’re more comfortable sticking with the Adobe applications, consider getting a subscription to the one application you’ll be using the most. This will keep costs down and help you focus on learning one thing at a time.

5. Use a variety of resources to learn one application at a time:

Learning is a continuous process that requires one to be an expert in what he or she does. As a designer or learner in graphic design, it is expected that you learn as much as you can with the resources available to you, never to relent on one resource, do research, and put it into practice using mostly the applications favorable to you.

What types of graphic design do we have?

When it comes to the beautiful and finest, humans have to be in the everyday study of changing and modifying certain things in a pleasant form where they can be appreciated much more.

However, there are different types of graphic design, which include;

1. Production design: The term “production design” refers to the various elements used in visual appearance and media such as movies, concerts, sets, and other perspectives on beauty.

2. Promoter: This is the platform for those who specialize in creating the design aspect of your products. They could help showcase one product around the world without you spending time doing that yourself.

3. Product design and packaging: Just as our products are beautiful before the content inside, the use of graphic design has helped bring out the beauty of a product before it sells to the customer and certain people who are basically face-to-face with it.

4. Environmental planning and design: With the architecture aspect, it is obvious to know that architecture is most in line with graphic design.

They have helped boom the location of the environment, especially when it has to do with commutes and arrangements.

5. The publisher: These are a group of graphic designers’ works that help with the provision of the front page, and they are beautiful before selling. It enables the buyer to draw attention to what he or she could like to buy.

6. Web designer.   The websites are designed by some groups of individuals who are saddled with the responsibility of site development and blog interface, which involves the web and blog beautification.

Where do graphic designers work?

A graphic designer is typically expected to work in a studio where they have access to their working tools, as well as other places such as publishing companies, advertising firms, public relations firms, branding specialists, and design consultancy.

How to earn $15/hr as a graphic designer

There are many ways to make money online using graphic design. These range from different aspects that will be discussed here, even above $15/hr, so read more to get them.

1. Design and sell templates:

Many business men and women need those who will make an easy and simple template for their business, so as a graphics designer, it is expected that you will advertise yourself and make it wide through getting clients and other interested people.

2. Design Flyers

Knowledge Of clients first helps when it comes to advertising your product. It also helps when it comes to the printing of flyers. With your phone and accessories, you can publicize your design.

3. Designing a logo: This is the most visually appealing aspect of graphic design. Someone who knows how to create a logo earns a lot of money while customers keep dragging their attention away.

4. Designing of stickers

It is essential to know that the rapid spread of stickers has dropped since the use of phones, but those who know and have old customers still make much from them. The most important aspect is to get a client’s approval.

5. Design does not work for the customer. With the use of typography, one can also make money when designing, usually on people’s websites.

6. Work as a consultant

Aside from all these, the consultant aspect makes it easier but requires you to master your field, while people hire you to learn and to properly design their site.

7. Making a customized branding package available for purchase.

This requires a graphic designer to work on the most branded products and learn how to initiate them on their own.

8. Get a job as a freelance designer or as an assistant.

Even with this, working under someone can also help a lot. It will link you more to others and, as well, improve your skills. You need to have a client, which this can easily help since there will already be an existing client for the boss.

9. Creating social media graphics with a focus on cover:

The biggest and above all, is that people today need their products to go online. This specificity will help one earn even more than expected once a hired designer has fulfilled his or her work properly.    


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