“Artists Are The Br0kest People In The Music Industry” – Akon

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Renowned musician and entrepreneur Akon has issued a stern warning to aspiring musicians: being an artist won’t guarantee financial success. In a recent interview, Akon shared his insights on the music industry, revealing that artists are often the last to get paid and the most likely to remain broke.

According to Akon, artists are consumers of services offered by other stakeholders in the industry, including producers, songwriters, distributors, and managers. Before they receive royalties, the money of all these other individuals and companies must be paid. This leaves artists with minimal earnings, despite their fame.

Akon advises aspiring musicians to explore other paths in the music business if they want to make real money. He encourages them to learn songwriting, production, and other skills to minimize their expenses and maximize their earnings.

His statement reads;

“If you want to remain pōōr in the music industry, be an artist. Artists are the br0kest people in the music industry, and still the most famous. This is because they are the last people to get paid.”

“When you look at the music industry, the artist is a consumer to services that every other stakeholder offers. They pay producers, songwriters, distributors, managers, and so on. Before they even get royalties, the money of all the other people that make up the industry has to be paid.”

“If you are an upcoming artist and you only want to be famous and broke behind closed doors, be an artist. If you want to start making real money, look at the other paths in the music business. Learn songwriting, production, and everything you can to minimize how much you spend and how much you get paid.”

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