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In a recent development, Arise TV has taken a firm stand, targeting President Tinubu, Umahi, and the APC, cautioning them against divisive politics.

The declaration came during the Morning Show program in response to accusations by Dave Umahi, linking Labour Party’s Peter Obi of inciting southeasterners against the Tinubu administration.

During the Morning Show program, the host underlined the unfair treatment of Peter Obi.

“Atiku raised same issues Obi raised, Obi was singled out, The divisive ethnic Rhetorics by APC MUST STOP!” Arise TV.

The accusation made by Umahi against Obi and his alleged role in inciting ethnic tensions highlights general pattern of divisive political talks within Nigerian politics.

It underlines the need for accountability and a rejection of tactics that seek to exploit ethnic divisions for political gain.

Arise TV’s condemnation of such politics reflects a growing opinion within the media and the public at large, calling for a more united and inclusive approach to governance.

By speaking out against divisive political talks, the network signals its commitment in promoting national unity and dialogue.

This incident also raises questions about the role of media in shaping political discourse and holding leaders accountable.

In response to Arise TV’s statement, there has been a mixed reaction from the political community.

While some have applauded the network for taking a principled stance against divisive politics, others have criticized it as biased or partisan.

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