Australia Begins New Regulations To Stop Nigerians Others From Extending Visas

Starting July 1, 2024, the Australian government will implement strict regulations to end visa hopping among Nigerians and other international students.

Visa hopping is when temporary visa holders extend their stay by applying for other visa types.

Australia to stop international students from changing visas

The move is part of Australia’s efforts to end the practice of international students extending their stay in the country by changing their temporary visa type.

The plan highlighted that the number of international students remaining in Australia on a second or subsequent student visa rose by over 30% to over 150,000 in 2022-2023.

The scheme is part of the country’s strategy to curb the practice of international students extending their stay and hopping from one visa type to another and ensure that visas are given only to genuine students.

According to reports, the regulations will prohibit certain visa categories, such as holders of temporary graduate, visitor, and maritime crew visas, from applying for student visas while living in Australia.

The new regulation aims to eliminate loopholes and address the issue of visa hopping, especially among former international students who stay in the country on temporary visas indefinitely.

Affected visa types:

Temporary Graduate visa

Visitor visa

Electronic Travel Authority visa

Medical Treatment visa

eVisitor visa

Transit visa

Diplomatic Temporary visa

Temporary Work visa (International Relations)

Domestic Worker (Temporary) visa

Temporary Graduate visa holders are given options

Temporary Graduate visa holders are now asked to leave the country, secure skilled employment, and explore other visa options that may lead to permanent residency.

Holders of Visitor visas who wish to study in Australia must apply for a student visa from outside the country.

Canada changes Post-Graduate work permit

The Canadian government is considering changing the Post-Graduate Work Permit Programme (PGWP) to allow access to the PGWP and align it with labour needs.

The government previously hinted at this in an announcement regarding international education sector reforms and disclosed it in a document shared with provinces and educational institutions.

A document from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) disclosed that the consultations aim to align the programme’s eligibility with labour market needs while reducing the overall volume of PGWP holders and increasing the likelihood that international students have labour market outcomes that align with their education and training. 

The adjustment would alter the current scheme, which lets all foreign graduates from publicly funded higher education programmes work in any sector without restrictions. 


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