Awka Rising: A World-class Hotel Fuels Transformation

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The winds of change are swirling around Awka, Anambra state. Governor Soludo’s audacious vision to transform the city into a thriving international hub has sparked debate, particularly around the proposed 4-star international hotel to be built at the Awka International Convention Centre site. While some individuals view it with skepticism, others recognize it as a strategic springboard for Awka’s ascent. As the Managing Director of Anambra’s investment agency, I stand firmly with the latter, and here’s why:

At the Helm: A Leader of Unquestionable Pedigree

Governor Soludo is no stranger to defying expectations. As Nigeria’s former Central Bank Governor, his name became synonymous with the seemingly impossible banking consolidation of 2006, a feat that earned him international acclaim and the title of “best performing Central Bank Governor in the world” by the Financial Times UK. This wasn’t a singular stroke of brilliance; it was the culmination of a career steeped in exceptional leadership, economic prowess, and an unwavering commitment to progress.

Building on a Foundation of Success:

Governor Soludo isn’t building on an empty canvas. Anambra is already on an upward trajectory, fueled by strategic investments in infrastructure, education, health, youth empowerment, and social welfare. The ongoing Solution Fun City, featuring the country’s largest water park, an amusement park and a Country Club, the Awka Shopping Mall (under construction), the 10,000-seater convention center, and the ongoing inner-city road infrastructure projects stand as testaments to this trajectory. The proposed hotel isn’t simply another brick-and-mortar addition; it’s a meticulously chosen piece within a grander puzzle.

Beyond Accommodation: The Ripple Effect of a World-Class Hotel:

History provides powerful validation. Look at Abuja, where the Hilton wasn’t just a hotel, it was a cornerstone in establishing the city as a global player. Dubai’s meteoric rise mirrored a similar strategy, with world-class hotels paving the way for tourism and business booms. Rwanda’s transformation, initially questioned, stands as another beacon, showcasing the transformative power of strategic hospitality investment.

Awka’s Untapped Potential: A Fertile Ground for Growth:

Anambra possesses immense potential waiting to be unlocked. The warmth of its people, the richness of its culture, and its strategic location all contribute to its allure. Governor Soludo’s focus on security, infrastructure development, social agenda, and youth empowerment creates a fertile ground for the hotel’s success.


International business travelers coming through the Chinua Achebe International Airport, convening at the 10,000-seater convention center, and finding luxurious accommodation and unparalleled service at the new hotel.

Tourists drawn to Anambra’s cultural tapestry, enjoying a seamless hospitality experience that fuels the local economy.

The hotel itself creating jobs, attracting ancillary businesses, and becoming a vibrant hub of activity, a landmark of progress for the city.

Statistics Underscore the Impact:

While the qualitative benefits are undeniable, the numbers speak for themselves:
A JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group study revealed that one new hotel room can generate $28,000 in annual tax revenue for a city.

A Cornell University study found that hotels create an average of 2.3 jobs per room, boosting local employment.
In Rwanda, hotel development increased tourism revenue by 44% between 2010 and 2015.

Financing the Future: A Prudent and Sustainable Approach:

The project will not burden Anambra’s finances. Governor Soludo’s fiscal strategy is straightforward but well thought out: statutory revenues and IGRs finance roads and the social agenda, while projects with strong income-generating potential like the hotel are structured with concessionary project financing, ensuring minimal risk for the state. Potential exit strategies like public offerings will secure long-term sustainability, making the hotel an asset, not a liability.

Awka 2.0: A Legacy in the Making:

The proposed hotel isn’t just a building; it’s a symbol of ambition, a tangible manifestation of Governor Soludo’s unwavering belief in Awka’s potential. It signifies the metamorphosis of Awka into a vibrant, investor-friendly city, a destination on the global map. A masterplan is being developed to truly reposition Awka to become one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing cities.

Ndi Anambra, join hands with us in making this vision a reality. Let’s ensure that Awka’s future is as bright as its potential, and as remarkable as the leader charting its course.

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