“Before You Marry Any Woman, Allow Her To Catch You Cheating” – Nigeria Man Advises

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A Nigerian man, Usman Ahmad, has taken to social media to advise men on one of the tests to carry out on a woman before marrying her.

Usman urged men to test their partner’s tolerance level by cheating on her at least twice before their wedding.

According to him, they should intentionally allow her to catch them cheating so that they can be sure she has the spirit of forgiveness and the ‘fear of God.’

Taking to Facebook on Wednesday, January 31, he wrote,

“Before you marry any woman, allow her to catch you cheating at least twice. That way you can be sure of her tolerance level and emotional maturity. That way you can be very sure if she has the fear of God and spirit of forgiveness. Real love is all about forgiveness.”

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