“Biggest Lie That’ll Prevents Christians From Reaching Heaven” – Laurie Dittos

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Laurie Dittos, author of the ‘Hell Conspiracy,’ claims that the biggest lie preventing Christians from reaching heaven is the belief in “once saved, always saved.”

Dittos, who says she experienced visions of hell, emphasizes the importance of repentance and living a life of obedience to God’s word.

She warns that many Christians are trapped in the belief that they will go to heaven regardless of how they live, and she urges a focus on repentance and holiness.

“In a vision, Jesus took me to Hell, it was like a terrible life-changing accident. You know how when an accident happens, you keep replaying over in your mind what you could have done differently?”

In her book, Dittos recounts a vivid vision of hell, describing extreme heat, excruciating pain, and the realization that unforgiveness led to eternal damnation.

She stresses that every sin matters and that the “grace conspiracy” is one of the biggest lies the enemy uses today. According to Dittos, repentance is the only way to atone for sins, and living a life of holiness is essential for reaching heaven.

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