BREAKING: National Grid Collapses For The Fourth Time In 2024

The country’s power grid has collapsed again, resulting in a significant decline in electricity generation, which currently stands at 0.80 megawatts.

WITHIN NIGERIA reports that this is the fourth power grid collapse in 2024.

According to the website of the Independent System Operator, a subsidiary of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), power generation began to drop at 2 pm, falling to 2,797.16 MW from an average of 3,417.99 MW at 1 pm, indicating a decline in power plants’ contribution to the grid.

The electricity contribution further declined to 1,020.08 around 3pm before dramatically falling to 0.80 by 4pm.

The 0.80 was generated by the Trans-Amadi Power plant.

This is the fourth power grid collapse in 2024.

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