Buhari Will Not Be Allowed To Attend My Swearing In Next Year – Sowore

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The African Action Congress (AAC) Presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore has stated that President Muhammadu Buhari would not be allowed to attend his swearing-in ceremony if he wins the 2023 presidential election.

Sowore disclosed this on Friday while speaking in an interview with Politics Hub, a Vanguard Online TV’s political show, expressing that he never supported Buhari’s administration.

He said, “When I win the election Buhari will not come to the swearing-in. I think some of them would have left before the day of swearing-in and I’m serious about it. I just want you (Buhari) to know that you have a constitutional duty to hand over power.”

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“I never supported Buhari. You can never stop supporting somebody you never supported in the first place. What have prevailed over these years was a welll cal camp to blackmail my person by saying I supported Buhari because I was against Goodluck Jonathan. 

“What I have always done in my entire life is to be opposed to terrible gov, it didn’t matter who was in charge, even if it was my Dad I would have oopposed him if he is acting like Jonathan.

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“But this is how to solve the puzzle, If I asked you to provide just one evidence that I supported Buhari you will say you want to go an check and you are suppose to know it because I never did.

“There was no time in life that I campaigned for Buhari, wrote an article or approached anybody individually and say vote  for Buhari. i didn’t vote for Buhari because I didn’t register to vote until 2018. The first time I voted in my life in this country and probably in the world was in 2019 election.”

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