“Building Church Is A Waste Of Money” – Prophet Abel Damina

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Prophet Abel Damina of the Power City International Church, UyoThe founder of the Power City International Church, Prophet Abel Damina, has expressed his regret over his choice of building a church rather than building a shopping mall, a few years ago.

The pastor’s remark has generated reactions from fellow citizens who maintain diverse opinions following the revelation by Prophet Damina.

Prophet Damila whose church is one of the most popular churches in Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state, regretted that with his knowledge now, he would rather build a shopping mall, and use it for 5-hours only on Sunday for his church service while he rents all the shops and makes good money out of them, selling varieties of goods.

He challenged the younger generation to stop spending their money on building churches, claiming that “God does not dwell in the church.

He said “God doesn’t dwell in the Chυrch, those spending money to build Chυrches are not informed.

“With the knowledge I have now, I won’t build a Church.

“If am to rewind the clock, I will build a shopping mall, rent all the shops, and make money, and on Sunday we use it for 5 hours.” Pαstor Abel Damina of the Power City Int’l stated.

However, netizens and some members of Prophet Damina’s church have reacted to the remark. These are some of the reactions:

Nelson Michael Ben: This is my Pastor but sometimes is so controversial and his silently drifting away I pray that he wouldn’t become an atheist someday.

Idopino Orok: Why don’t you rent out Power City..turn it into shopping mall….then on Sunday we do service????

Raymond Eyo Honesty: He is telling the truth abeg

Odudu Etotakpan: The master of confusion.

Choosy B Tom: End time preaching, pls the wife should talk to him na because this man is gradually becoming something else oooo.

Lord Sms: Pastor it’s never too late sir. You can still demolish the and build a heavy Mall

Eze Anastasia: He said nothing but the truth. Spirituality no longer dwells in that building called the church. We are the Church, Christ lives in us.

Benjamen Effanag: This man is making sense every day. If u like hate him.

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