“Cameroon Won Nigeria, In The Realm Of The Spirit” – Awuzie Taunts Pastor’s Prophesy

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Charles Awuzie, a Nigerian fullstack web developer, cybersecurity expert, and Tech StartUp CEO based in South Africa, takes a witty jab at a pastor’s prophecy that Cameroon would defeat Nigeria in the recent AFCON match.

Despite the pastor’s confident prediction of a 3-1 victory for Cameroon, Nigeria emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline. Awuzie, reacting on Facebook, playfully emphasizes the spiritual realm, suggesting that, according to the prophet, Cameroon won in the spiritual domain.

He humorously challenges anyone to go to court if they disagree and sarcastically underscores the influence of spiritual perspectives on physical outcomes.

Awuzie encourages people to focus on logical decisions for predicting their future rather than relying on prophetic guesses.

“Cameroon won Nigeria…

“If you don’t agree, go to court…

“The man of God cannot lie…

“God cannot lie…

“The man of God said God told him that Cameroon will win the game… That’s final. Whatever you saw during the game is Not Reality.

“In the realm of the spirit, Cameroon won Nigeria.

“The spiritual controls the physical…

“Carnal people are the ones arguing what the prophet said…

“Spiritual people like us can never argue spiritual things…

“Even at this moment, the results can be switched by a public announcement by the AFCoN… What God cannot do does not exist.

“Anyone insulting this man of God will see the wr@th of God…

“Okay, take a deep breath ????….

“Let’s be honest – if this guy’s prophecy came to pass, y’all would have gone to bow to him.

“The day you realise that 98% of what is advertised as prophecy is mere GUESS WORK AND WISHFUL THINKING, that’s the day you will focus on Predicting your future through logical decisions.

“Stop running after prophets – whether they are genuine or fake. Run after YOURSELF…. Believe in yourself….everything you need to solve your problems is In You. Inferiority complex is when you believe in your prophet more than you believe in yourself.

“My name is Charles Awuzie and I just showed you how some of you sound when you reject facts but embrace what a self acclaimed prophet said. Las las, Cameroon won Nigeria – I no Gree for anybody.”

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