Chaos: Bandits Strikes Again, Abduct Villagers, Destroy Homes

Katsina State was gripped by terror once again as armed bandits carried out a series of devastating attacks, leaving a trail of destruction and despair in Goda village and Daudawa neighborhood.

In a night of horror, Goda village witnessed a vicious assault that resulted in the loss of a villager’s life and the destruction of several homes, including the residence of a prominent community member, Sagir Goda.

“It was like a nightmare,” recounted a Goda resident.

“Gunshots, houses were on fire. We all ran for our lives. We lost a neighbour, and many families are now without homes,” he said.

In a separate attack lasting about four hours, Daudawa neighborhood fell victim to another group of bandits who targeted the area, resulting in the abduction of Alhaji Sale, a highly regarded member of the community, along with his two wives.

“We heard gunshots around 1:30 am,” shared a local eyewitness.

“Later, we found out that Alhaji Sale’s house was ransacked, and they took him, his wives, and three of his cows,” the source added.

The relentless violence has instilled fear and anxiety among the residents, who are urgently calling for the authorities to take swift action to apprehend the perpetrators and restore peace to their embattled communities.

“We are terrified. These attacks are happening too often. We appeal to the authorities to swiftly apprehend these criminals and restore peace to our communities,” expressed one resident


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