Concerns As President Urinated Himself During Road Commissioning [PHOTOS]

President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit peed himself in public while opening a road project.

Naturenex reports that the President, alongside other dignitaries, was attending a road commissioning event when he peed himself.

While reciting the national anthem of South Sudan with his hand placed on his shirt, the 71-year-old urinated on himself and could be seen looking at his micturition.

Others present seemed to feign ignorance of the situation.

The viral video has elicited mixed reactions from the international community.

Some commenters say President Mayardit might be suffering from urge incontinence, a condition when urine leaks as one feels a sudden, intense urge to pee, or soon afterward, or overflow incontinence (chronic urinary retention) – when one is unable to fully empty your bladder, which causes frequent leaking.


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