Confirmed: Andrew, Accused Of Kidnapping Afiba And Céline, Shot Dead By Security Personnel

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Andrew Amechi dead

Andrew Amechi, the alleged kidnapper of Afiba Abigail Tandoh and her friend Celine, has been confirmed dead after being shot by security personnel during his capture.

Harrison Gwamnishu, an activist following the case, has verified the news.

Shared videos show Andrew’s lifeless body in the morgue and his car, riddled with bullets, with him unconscious inside.

Afiba and Celine, who traveled to Nigeria to meet Andrew, have been missing and feared dead.

The investigation suggests Andrew was part of a sinister organ-harvesting clan.

The fate of the two women remains uncertain, with a previous video showing Afiba’s alleged lifeless body in Andrew’s house.

The case continues to unfold, sparking widespread concern and outrage.

Check out the video below

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