Consequences If Okuama Criminals Don’t Surrender – Gen Enenche

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A Former Coordinator of Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche reacting to the killing of 16 military personnel in the Okuama community in Delta state has alleged that if criminals involved in the killing of the soldiers do not surrender voluntarily, communities should refrain from resisting military operations. He argued that regardless of the circumstances, the communities should not resist to ensure their own survival.

He highlighted the significance of handling such situations with care and cooperation from both sides. He recounted an incident where troops encountered resistance from kidnappers in a forest. And as a result, the troops from Operation West Stroke were compelled to use force, resulting in the neutralization of the criminal ringleader. 

He said in an interview with Arise TV, ”What can be done to avert leveling is to ensure that the appropriate intelligence is brought out. And then, if the criminals do not submit themselves, the community must not resist the military operation for whatever reasons. Let them not resist so that they can exist. 

It depends on how it’s handled on both sides now. Because from a recent experience we had, I am consulting for a community where they had a lot of security challenges. On getting into the forest where the kidnappers are, they resisted. And what happened, the troops from Operation West Stroke had to open fire. And in the course of the defense, the kingpin was neutralized and that was how peace now came to that area for about two months. It is training and it is best practice in any operation.”


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