Dele Farotimi Reacts After Arabambi Accused Peter Obi Of Appointing Only Igbos As His Spokespersons

During a recent appearance on ARISE News, Labour Party National Secretary Abayomi Arabambi levied criticism against Presidential Candidate Peter Obi, claiming that he had appointed solely Igbo individuals as spokespeople while excluding representation from Yoruba and Hausa communities.

This assertion was met with strong opposition from Obi’s campaign spokesperson, Dele Farotimi, who condemned ARISE News for allowing such blatant lies and distorted facts to be presented without proper scrutiny during the interview.

Farotimi argued that Arabambi’s statements were baseless and aimed at creating a false narrative, suggesting that they could easily be verified as untrue.

The spokesperson further accused the interviewer of enabling Arabambi’s fabrication by permitting him to present these allegations without any challenge.

In addition to questioning Obi’s appointment choices, Arabambi also insinuated that Labour Party Chairman Julius Abure sought to “Igbonize” the party, which Farotimi dismissed as another attempt to spread misinformation.


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