Dele Farotimi Reacts As Sowore Uses The Word “Dumb” After Peter Obi Said The Rich Should Be Taxed

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Lawyer and human rights activist, Dele Farotimi, responded to Nigerian activist Omoyele Sowore’s use of the word “dumb” to describe Peter Gregory Obi, the Labour Party (LP) candidate in the 2023 presidential election.

Sowore criticized Obi for suggesting that the Federal Government should tax the wealthy, pointing out that the electricity tariff increase benefits the same affluent group. Farotimi defended Sowore against accusations of being a sellout, emphasizing that enduring persecution from the state contradicts the notion of being a paid agent.

In a post on his page, Sowore expressed his disagreement with Obi’s proposal and criticized his approach to policymaking. Sowore’s comments sparked reactions from followers, one of whom labeled him a sellout. In response, Farotimi defended Sowore, stating that disagreement with his views doesn’t warrant labeling him as a sellout. Farotimi acknowledged having disagreements with Sowore but highlighted the inconsistency between being labeled a paid agent and enduring state persecution.

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