Dele Farotimi Reacts To Claim That Obi Has Never Said He Will Change The Nigeria’s Constitution

Labor party presidential campaign spokesperson, Dele Farotimi, while engaging his followers on Monday has stated that there is no way a country will be moved from consumption to production without radically overhauling its entire governance systems

The conversation began after Farotimi stated his reason for backing the former governor of Anambra for the presidential seat. Stating his reason, he said his support for obi is found largely in the fact that he believes that he will pursue restructuring as an article of faith in the clear understanding that nothing will change unless the constitution Is overhauled

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However, a follower was quick to ask him that but Peter obi has never stated in any of his interviews that he will change the constitution

Reacting, Farotimi said his lack of faith in Peter Obi’s candidacy has made him not understand him whenever he speaks thereby asking him how it is possible to move a nation from consumption to production without a massive overhaul of the constitution


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