EFCC Has Decided To Become An Environmental Organization Im Keeping Naira Clean – Prof Odinkalu Reacts To EFCC On Cubana Chief Priest

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In a recent statement via his official X account, a well-known human rights activist Chidi Odinkalu has voiced his opinion regarding the recent move by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to arraign popular socialite Cubana Chief Priest for allegedly abusing the Naira. 

In the statement, Odinkalu expressed his thoughts on the matter.

“Having calculated that the cost of running a Laundromat for the Naira is too much for it, the @officialEFCC has decided to become an environmental organization committed to keeping the Maria clean. Describing them as idle is an abuse to idleness. The money launderers roam free,” Odinkalu wrote. 

He criticized the EFCC’s shift in focus, suggesting that it detracts them from their primary duty of combating financial crimes.

The EFCC’s decision to pursue Cubana Chief Priest for alleged Naira abuse has brought debate among Nigerians. 

While some commend the agency for taking action against financial misconduct, others Odinkalu question the priorities of law enforcement in the country. 

He argue that the real perpetrators of financial crimes, such as money launderers, continue to escape punishment while lesser offenses receive attention.

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