EXPOSED: What Killed Mr Ibu – Speed Darlington Speaks Out [VIDEO]

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Controversial Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington, took to his official Instagram and YouTube handles to share his perspective on the death of veteran actor Mr Ibu.

In the video, he expressed his sympathy for Mr Ibu’s death. Speed Darlington made a controversial claim that the actor died early at 66, which he considers as middle age.

Contrary to reports attributing Mr Ibu’s death to complications in his leg and subsequent amputation. Speed Darlington in his view, asserted that the cause was diabetes. While, Speaking in Igbo, the rapper alleged that Mr Ibu, during his heydays, engaged in romantic affairs with many women.

Speed Darlington also suggested that his (Darlington) refusal to marry or engage with actresses is due to the prevalent practice of producers and movie officials demanding intimate relations in exchange for roles.

Maintaining his stance on the cause of Mr Ibu’s death, Speed Darlington pointed to indiscriminate eating habits as the likely factor that lead to diabetes and, ultimately, the actor’s demise.

He Expressed disappointment despite contributing money for Mr Ibu’s treatment, the rapper shared his thoughts in a video available on his YouTube channel.

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