EXPOSED: Why Every Military Officer Want To Work In Niger Delta – Abraham Ogbodo

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According to a report from Arise News, former Editor of Guardian Newspaper and Niger Delta leader of thought, Abraham Ogbodo, highlighted the attraction of military officers to work in the Niger Delta due to the lucrative nature of illegal oil bunkering activities.

He warned of the consequences of not addressing this underlying issue, stressing that failure to act could lead to repeated cycles of violence and military interventions in the region, ultimately harming innocent communities.

He said, “Right now, every military officer wants to work in the Niger Delta because they know what is involved. Underlying all of this is the issue of bunkering, and it is something that we are not bringing to the fore.

“But it is so unfortunate because if it is not addressed, it is going to happen again, and we will come back to saying the same things oh, we ought to have done this, who did this, and then the military will move in again in their normal way to level a whole community in search of culprits.”

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