Farotimi Reacts After X User Said APC Has Convinced Their Followers That An Honest Man Like Obi Lies

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In a recent statement via his official X account, a well-known lawyer and public speaker Dele Farotimi has issued response to allegations made against former Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi by APC supporters on social media platform X.

Farotimi addressed the claim that the APC has convinced its followers that Obi, known for his honesty, lies.

“When a country deploys weaponized ignorance against its populace, and further compounds the affliction by deploying weaponized poverty and ethnoreligious bigotry, the people become largely stupefied, and the anomalous becomes commonplace in the country,” Farotimi wrote.

Farotimi’s statement reflects his concern over the tactics used by political parties to influence public opinion, highlighting the negative effects of misinformation and division within society.

The allegation against Obi comes as a result of a contentious political situation following the 2023 general election.

As parties battles for power and influence, accusations and counter-accusations have become a common thing.

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