Female Soldier Who Exposed Sexual Harassment By Senior Officers Arrested, Flown To Abuja

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A female soldier, who courageously spoke out about sexual harassment by senior military officers in a viral video, has been arrested and transported to Abuja from Lagos, as reported by SaharaReporters.

The soldier, who remains unnamed, raised concerns about her safety after rejecting the advances of Col. I.B. Abdulkareem, Col. G.S. Ogor, and Brig. Gen. I.B. Solebo.

She detailed instances of oppression, arbitrary punishments, and even psychiatric confinement without medication based on false claims.

The soldier alleged freezing of her bank account since February 2023, unpaid salary, and attempted rape by Col. Abdulkareem.

Despite efforts, including writing a petition and seeking intervention from senior and junior officers, she claimed no resolution.

She said, “I know definitely they will come for me. They will lock me up and they will dismiss me but I don’t care. I can’t endure again. Before coming out to make this video, I can’t endure again. I don’t want to die young.

“If anything should happen to me, please hold Col. I.B. Abdulkareem, Col. G.S. Ogor and Brig. Gen. I.B. Solebo responsible, because they don’t want me to grow. They don’t want my progress.

“In 2022, I was posted to Cantonment Medical Center, Ojor where I met Col. I.B. Abdulkareem, who requested for me and I refused. Ever since then, this man has been my nightmare in the army – threatening to dismiss me each time he sees me.

“He ejected me from my room, sent some boys to my house. I have all the evidence and I have witness. He came to my house to eject me.

“Each time I try to expose him or each time any senior officer tries to intervene, he also stigmatizes me, that I have mental illness. He would always tell them that I have mental illness.

“He wrote to DOA three times to board me out of the army. He froze my account for one year. He froze my account since February last year (2023) till date, no salary.

“I have cried to some senior officers. I wrote a petition using Section 179 of the Armed Forces Act. I have seen so many officers, senior officers, junior officers to intervene but none of them is giving me a listening ear. Any time anyone tries to intervene, he will tell them that I have mental illness.

“There was a day he locked me, he almost raped me and when they caught him, he said I have mental illness and he took me to a psychiatric hospital and locked me up there for one month without any medication.

“He has denied me access to military courses, meanwhile, they know very well that my progression in the army is determined by my course attendance. Now course, I have been given admission in a medical school but he refused to release me.

“There was a day I called my dad and my dad intervened but he told my dad to tell me to obey the last order. What is the last order? For him to sleep with me?

“He has denied me everything. I can’t even go on passes to see my parents. No pass, no leave for me. But please and please, if anything should happen to me, hold them responsible, especially Col. IB Abdulkareem, Col. GS Ogor and Brig. Gen. IB Solebo. They are my nightmare in the Army.

“They have done everything to tarnish my image because they are all course mates. I don’t know what I have done to them. Till today I haven’t collected salary. I can’t endure this again. Let the worst happen.”

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