Femi Falana Replies Seun After He Asked To Know The Candidate He Is Endorsing For President In 2023

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During an interview with Channels Television, the Counsel to ASUU, Femi Falana, stated that he is not endorsing any person for president, stating that even if he was to do that, he is not going to make it public.

The senior advocate of Nigeria made the statement after Seun Okinbaloye, the Channels TV Correspondent, asked him who he was endorsing for president.

As regards this, Femi Falana stated that he does not believe in the socialist reconstruction of Nigeria.

Regardless of this, he, however, reacted to the payment made to ASUU based on the number of days worked, stating that they should have been paid in full. He added that the union will find a solution to the days lost and it will would be against the law to pay them half their salaries.


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