FG Speaks On Sacking Thousands Of Workers Affected By Tinubu’s New Order

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Amidst the directive by Tinubu to implement Steve Oronsaye’s report, which is anticipated to impact thousands of workers in various agencies, the Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, has clarified the federal government’s position.

Idris emphasized that the government does not intend to retrench workers but aims to enhance efficiency in the civil service and reduce costs through the consolidation of certain parastatals

During a ministerial press briefing series in Abuja, Idris explained that the consideration of Oronsaye’s report is geared towards improving efficiency in the civil service without intending to downsize the workforce.

He highlighted President Tinubu’s objectives to achieve significant cost savings by eliminating duplication of functions and optimizing resource allocation.

Furthermore, Idris underscored that the government’s approach to cost reduction involves a comprehensive review of government commissions, agencies, and parastatals.

This strategic restructuring aims to modernize institutions by leveraging technology, promoting innovation, and fostering a culture of performance and accountability across all sectors.

In essence, the federal government’s commitment to implementing Oronsaye’s report is rooted in enhancing operational efficiency and fiscal prudence while ensuring that essential services are maintained and citizens’ needs are adequately addressed.

The restructuring efforts are part of a broader strategy to reform government institutions and drive modernization across various sectors.

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