FORCE PRO Reveals Case You Shouldn’t Fight Or Sue Anyone That Claimed Your Car

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The Force Public Relations Officer of the Nigerian Police Force, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja CSP Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi has continued to educate Nigerians to help them have a better understanding of the Nigerian law.

This time, the Force PRO explains what the law says about ‘mistake of fact’ which is one of the subheadings under criminal liability. According to Adejobi, ‘mistake of fact’ is a funny case because it prevents the prosecution of anyone who claims it and has enough evidence to back his/her claim.

His post partly read, “CRIMINAL LIABILITY CONTD: Sec 25 of Criminal Code explains Mistake of Fact. This is always a very funny case or situation to explain, even to policemen. If someone is found with your car, same brand, colour, interior deco etc, and he claims to have a similar car and he has mistakenly taken yours thinking it his, he has no case under the law”

He said if the person uses another key to open the car and put the engine on and the person is apprehended. He said there is nothing one can do about it under the law if the person claims that he has a similar car.

In conclusion, he advised Nigerians by saying, “It’s funny right? But that’s the truth. Understand the law, so that you don’t fight baselessly and unjustly. Cheers. More to come.”

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