Hardship: “Nothing Will Catch Up With Tinubu” – Rev. Kevin Ugwu Reveals Major Problems With Nigerians

Rev. Father Kevin Ugwu took to social media to state that Nigeria’s current challenges cannot solely rest upon President Bola Ahmed Tinubu but instead reflect collective failings within society.

The Nigerian Catholic Priest made these remarks during a recent Facebook post where he responded to comments about prayers ‘catching up’ with the new president.

Father Ugwu contended that no retribution would come specifically against Mr. Tinubu; rather, it was time to acknowledge shared responsibility for societal issues such as mediocrity, tribalism, indiscipline, false piety, and absence of wisdom—all factors contributing to widespread suffering.

“The truth is that there is nothing that will catch up with Tinubu. Absolutely nothing. He will even live longer than you can imagine,” Fr. Ugwu said.

“What you should know is that we are all reaping the fruit we planted… the fruit of mediocrity, tribalism, anyhowness, fake religiosity, lack of common sense, etc. In the real sense, everything is rather catching up with us. Even the poor and hungry Nigerians you mentioned should first pray for themselves to be alive.” 


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