Hardship: Videos Show Nigerians Being Flogged To Get Free Yam, Bread In Lagos State

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In Lagos Island, Lagos State, a viral video showed a large crowd queuing for free bread, but they had to endure being beaten with canes before receiving it.

Another video showed people fighting over free tubers of yam at the Lagos Central Mosque. This is as a result of current economic crisis and hunger in Nigeria, where prices of food items have been increasing for nearly 30 years.

The removal of fuel subsidy and the devaluation of the naira have added to inflation. A standard 50kg bag of rice, which could feed a household of eight to ten for a month, now costs N77,000 ($53; £41), exceeding the monthly income of most Nigerians.

As a result, many Nigerians in the Northern region have resorted to eating afafata, rice grains that millers had rejected after processing or selling to farmers to feed their fish. The grains are broken, dirty, and tough, but their lower price has made them more attractive to hungry Nigerians and helped poorer families afford one of the staple foods in the country.

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