Hardship: “We’re Tired Of Nigeria” – Arewa Youths Sets Nigerian Flag Ablaze

A group of Arewa youths have publicly burned the Nigerian flag, decrying the escalating cost of living and the economic hardship that has characterized the first year of President Bola Tinubu’s administration.

The youths, who expressed their discontent in a video shared on social media, lamented the contrast between the dire circumstances of the average citizen and the affluent lifestyle of government officials.

“We voted you into power, but see the situation we are in: people are feeding on leaves while you are living in an affluent manner,” the youths said, referring to President Tinubu.

They also highlighted the exorbitant price of a basic staple like spaghetti, which now costs N700 and is beyond the reach of the poor.

The youths’ actions were not only a response to the economic crisis but also a reaction to Nigeria’s loss to Cote d’Ivoire in the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations final, which they believed would redirect the focus of citizens to the current untold hardship.

“We thank the almighty God for Nigeria losing the football competition. We pray Nigeria does not win anything if this is how the country is being governed,” the northern youths said.

Recall, President Tinubu, in his New Year address, acknowledged the socio-economic challenges and urged Nigerians to persevere, stating that his radical economic reforms might plunge the majority of Nigerians into hardship, but it was necessary for the economic prosperity that would follow.”

“The time may be rough and tough. However, our spirit must remain unbowed because tough times never last. We are made for this period, never to flinch, never to falter,” Tinubu said.


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  1. Why didn’t they lament when buhari was there for eight years the same buhari that took this country fifty years backwards and they didn’t say anything just only few months of this administration they start shouting hardship, until will stop been sentimental in this country that is when we can get things right.

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