“Have Some Conscience” – Nigerian Lady Tackles Pastor David Ibiyeomie For Asking Church Members How To Raise Their Offering

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A Nigerian lady has taken a swipe at Salvation Ministries founder, Pastor David Ibiyeomie for saying his church members should give at least 20 percent of their salaries as offerings after giving 10 percent of their salaries as tithes. 

The lady stated that Pastor Ibiyeomie should have some ‘’conscience” and shouldn’t be making such demands given the economic situation in the country.

She further described it as “thievery”, adding that it should stop as people have other needs aside from taking care of burdens from the church. The TikTok user also described churches as business enterprises where Christians try to convince other Christians to come to their church even when they are aware of the other person’s faith.

She said this reminds her of marketers who try to convince others to use the services of their firm.

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