“Have You Seen Any Igbo Complaining?” – Igboho Blast Yoruba Elders

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Yoruba nation activist Sunday Adeyemi, better known as Sunday Igboho, recently addressed his followers in Oyo state, calling on them to take inspiration from the resilience displayed by the Igbo community during these challenging times.

He highlighted how the Igbos have not been vocalizing complaints regarding economic hardships due to their actions in removing herdsmen from their land, allowing farmers to return to their fields unhindered.

Igboho pointed out that President Bola Tinubu inherited an already struggling economy from the previous administration headed by Muhammadu Buhari.

He expressed frustration at the lack of unity among Yorubas, who were previously advocating for self-liberation from suffering yet failed to act upon it.

Instead, some Yoruba elders are now voicing grievances through protests, which Igboho contrasted with the absence of similar demonstrations within the Igbo community.

The activist questioned why Yorubas cannot follow suit and work towards expelling herdsmen from their territories, thereby enabling farmers to resume cultivation without fear or hindrance.

He said: “Many people think Tinubu destroyed the government, Tinubu didn’t destroy the government. My pain with Yorubas is that while Buhari was in power, I was shouting that we should come together and liberate ourselves from this suffering. 

“Buhari had nothing to offer us. My pain is that some Yoruba elders are now complaining, saying they want to hold protest that they are hungry. Have you seen any Igbo complaining?”

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