HEARTBREAKING: How First-Class Graduate Died After Completing 21-Day Fast By Pastor Jerry Eze

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The first-class graduate of microbiology, Rebekah Sekidika, tragically passed away after completing a 21-day fasting program organized by Pastor Jerry Eze.

The funeral was held at the Port Harcourt cemetery in Rivers State. It was a somber occasion where her father, Sampson Sekidika, revealed the details surrounding her untimely death.

Rebekah Sekidika, aged 24, met her demise at the Paragon Clinics and Image Diagnosis in Port Harcourt during a medical procedure on February 2, 2024. She been suspected to have died from a spinal anesthesia overdose.

Before death, Rebekah Sekidika had ambitious plans to further her studies in the United Kingdom but unfortunately never got the chance.

During the funeral, her grieving father expressed his sad mood over the loss of his obedient daughter who had promising academic aspirations.

He revealed how his daughter, Rebekah died after she has completed the 21-day fast with Pastor Jerry Eze, who was known for his popular statement “What God cannot do does not exist.”

Mr. Sekidika demanded justice for his daughter’s death, which he emphased that while it wouldn’t bring her back, it was essential for closure and accountability.

Rebekah’s dreams of pursuing higher education were abruptly cut short by her sudden death, leaving behind a void in her family and community.

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Kingsley King Achukwu · March 4, 2024 at 11:15 am

Why call for justice? Was their foul play? Was she killed by anyone. Your type of reporting falls short of normal

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