Hezbollah Suffers Major Blow As Israeli Strike Kills Fighter Who Launched Drones Toward Israel

According to Al Jazeera, Israel has confirmed carrying out an attack in the town of Sohmor in Lebanon’s western Bekaa district, resulting in the death of one person on a motorcycle. In a statement on Telegram, the Israeli army said the target was “a terrorist operative in Hezbollah’s Aerial Array who launched UAVs [drones] toward Israel.”

The military also reported that Israeli fighter jets targeted Hezbollah military structures in the Lebanese towns of Aitaroun, Hula, Naqoura, and Wadi Hamool in southern Lebanon.

The attack comes amid heightened tensions along the Israel-Lebanon border, with Hezbollah and other Gaza-based militant groups launching a series of drone and rocket attacks against Israel in recent months. Israel has responded with airstrikes and artillery fire, further escalating the conflict.

The latest incident marks a significant escalation, as Israel directly targeted a senior Hezbollah operative allegedly involved in drone operations against the Jewish state.

The elimination of this “terrorist” is likely to provoke a strong response from Hezbollah, potentially leading to a wider confrontation between the two sides.


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