How DSS Tracked And Arrested Me Without BVN Or NIN – Enyinnaya Abaribe

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DSS Arrested Enyinnaya Abaribe Using Phone Tracking Before NIN Era
Former Deputy Governor of Abia State, Enyinnaya Harcourt Abaribe, revealed a startling incident from years past in an interview shared on Facebook by Channels TV.

Abaribe recounted a dramatic encounter with the Department of State Services (DSS) before the era of the National Identification Number (NIN).

During the interview, Abaribe was taken aback when the DSS disclosed that they had tracked him using his mobile phone. At that time, the absence of NIN and BVN made this method of tracking particularly surprising.

Abaribe also stress how times have changed, noting that now every phone is linked to a NIN and every bank account is tied to a BVN.

In Abaribe’s words: “When DSS arrested me in front of a barber’s shop in Abuja, one of the DSS directors was interrogating me and I was bantering with him, and I asked him how they knew where I was because I was driving myself in a small car; he said, we just used your phone to track you. There was no NIN then, now every phone has a NIN; there was no BVN”.

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