How I Can End Farmers, Herders Crisis In Two To Three Weeks – Tinubu

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President Bola Tinubu has declared his commitment to resolving the enduring crisis between farmers and herders in Nigeria. Speaking at the inauguration of a mechanized agricultural project in Minna, Niger State, Tinubu expressed his determination to implement programs aimed at ending the crisis within a span of two to three weeks.

While emphasizing the need for a reorientation of the farming population, Tinubu highlighted the importance of state governors providing suitable lands to facilitate the success of his proposed programs. He emphasized the economic implications of livestock encroachment on farmlands and proposed comprehensive solutions to address the challenges.

Tinubu stated, “We must reorient our farming population, including the livestock program. I don’t see why Nigeria can’t feed all our pupils with one pint of milk a day if the dairy system is well harnessed. I know what it means as an economic sabotage for cows to eat up the crops and vegetations of our land. When we reorient the herders and make provisions for cattle rearing, governors must provide the land, and I, as the President, am committed to giving you a comprehensive program that will solve this problem within two to three weeks.”

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