How Tems Took Away My Pain In Uganda Cell – Omah Lay

Omah Lay shared his experience of being in jail in Uganda with Tems. He revealed the positive impact it had on him. Despite facing issues with their paperwork after a performance in Uganda, Omah Lay expressed that being in jail with Tems was a unique and positive experience.

He mentioned that the jail conditions in Uganda were different from what he expected, of which he described as “fun” and not like jails in other parts of Africa.

Omah Lay also expressed how he formed bond with Tems and her manager during their time in jail. He specifically mentioned that being in the same cell as Tems helped alleviate his pain.

In addition, Omah Lay highlighted how they were treated from the cell supervisor, who was a fan of his music and ensured they were comfortable during their brief stay in jail.

His statement reads;

“Being in the same céll with Tems is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. She took my paîn away.” Omah Lay

“I’ve never given context what happened with Tems and I in Uganda. Jaîl in Uganda was fun, it’s not like jaîl in Africa. Being in jaîl with Tems in Uganda was amazing cuz it gave me the relationship I have with Tems and the friendship I have with her manager. What happened was, me and Tems were in Uganda for a show and for some reasons, our paperworks had problèms so we were arrésted after our performance. We were in jaîl for two days but I wasn’t sad because I was in the same céll with Tems. Jaîl in Uganda with Tems is different from jaîl in Africa. The guy in charge of the céll was a great fan of my music so he gave us a nice spot cuz he didn’t wanna see me get me dépresséd.” Omah Lay


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